Happy Baby Boxes

Baby's box from 0 to 3 months

Newborn babies primarily see black, white, and grey. 

This box includes 06 activities to stimulate your baby’s senses, promote bonding, and support their early development.


ü  All the toys in the picture.

ü  Customization of  cloth book and plush rattle.

ü  Manual with 06 engaging activities to do with your baby.

Benefits of Happy Baby Box:

• Stimulates the development of vision, hearing, touch and motor skills.
• Helps babies develop self-awareness.
• It is a fun and educational gift.

Cloth Book

To stimulate vision

Soft Sensory Scarf

To develop touch

Waldorf Hand Kite

To stimulate motor skills

Plush Rattle

To stimulate hearing

Cow Puppet

To stimulate language

Soft Feathers

To stimulate self-awareness.

Customize your baby's happy box:

We believe that every baby is unique, and their learning journey should reflect their individual interests and curiosity. 

That’s why you can select one theme of the cloth book included in their package.

Option A

Mini cloth book black&white "Fruit"

Option B

Mini cloth book black&white "Shape"

Option C

Mini cloth book black&white "Animal"

Customize your baby's happy box:​

Finally, you can choose between one of these high contrast plush rattles:

Happy Minds

Little hands, big discoveries