Happy Activity Box

From 1 to 2 years old

Happy Box for 1-2 years

This box includes 5 activities to support their growing cognitive skills by exposing them to early concepts like: shapes, colors, textures and more; while learning. 


ü  All the toys in the picture.

ü  Selection of  wooden disc’s sponge’s color.

ü  Manual with 5 engaging activities to do with your child.

Benefits of Happy Box:

• Sparks Curiosity and Encourages Exploration.
• Supports Development of Fine and Gross Motor Skills.
• Boosts Cognitive Development.

• It’s a fun and educational gift.

Wooden Discs

To explore texture

Mushroom sized puzzle

To foster problem solving

Post it Picasso

To stimulate gross motor skills

Rainbow Box

To stimulate color recognition

Balloon Art

To encourage creative exploration

Customize your child's happy box:

Personalize your child’s play experience.

Choose one sponge’s color that brings joy and sparks your child’s imagination!

Option A

Yellow Sponge

Option B

Pink Sponge

Option C

Green Sponge

Happy Minds

Little hands, big discoveries