Happy Activity Box

From 2 to 3 years old

Happy Box for 2-3 years old

This box includes 5 activities like sorting, objects, matching, fine and gross motor skills and other games into everyday play.


ü  All the toys in the picture.

ü  Manual with 5 engaging activities to do with your child.

Benefits of Happy Box:

• Sparks Curiosity and Encourages Exploration.
• Supports Development of Fine and Gross Motor Skills.
• Boosts Cognitive Development.

• It’s a fun and educational gift.

Tweezer+ Insects + Gelatin

To explore a sensory material

Clothespins + colored papers

To foster hand-eye coordination

Honeycomb + Magnifying glass + Bees

To enhance spacial awareness

Lady Bug

To stimulate fine motor skills

Butterfly Art

To encourage creative exploration

Happy Minds

Little hands, big discoveries