About me

Andrea Matute-Haegele

Child Psychologist
Early Stimulation certificated
Respectful parenting approach
Chicago, IL

Hi, I'm Andrea!

I am a child psychologist and passionate about early childhood education. My initiative to create “Happy Minds” was to provide tools to parents and caregivers with children from 0 months old to 3 years old, as you’re the first teachers in the children life.

Inside each box, you’ll find a world of hands-on activities, age-appropiate activities, and carefully curated materials that inspire exploration and discovery for young minds.

We’re based in Chicago and thank you for choosing us. Let’s embark on this exciting educational¬†adventure together!

A bit of history:

Happy Minds began as a vibrant open-air community space where curious babies and energetic kids could explore and develop! We brought the joy of sensory activities, music, and movement to the park, fostering the growth of gross and fine motor skills alongside artistic expression. With separate groups for babies, toddlers, and 2-3 year olds, Happy Minds catered to a range of ages and developmental stages. During a time of lockdowns and closed schools, our program provided a much-needed space for socialization and connection, ensuring happy minds continued to thrive.

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