Happy Baby Box

Baby box from 6 to 12 months

 This box includes 06 activities  to foster fine motor skills like stacking and nesting. Along with grasping and feeling sensory elements. 


ü  All the elements in the picture.

ü  Customization of  cloth book.

ü  Manual with 06 engaging activities to do with your baby.

Benefits of the Happy Box:

Stimulates the senses: The activity box helps baby develop their sense of sight, hearing and touch. 
Promotes motor development: The activity box helps the baby develop fine and gross motor skills. 
Promotes learning: The activity box helps baby learn about the world around them.

Cloth Book

Stimulates baby's language.

Easy Grasp Ball

Stimulates gross motor skills.

Wooden Stacker

Developes fine motor skills.

Wooden Rings

Stimulates baby's grasping skills.

Cube Bin

Developes problem solving.

Waldorf Hand Kite

Stimulates baby's senses.

Customize your baby's happy box:​

We believe that every baby is unique, and their learning journey should reflect their individual interests and curiosity. 

That’s why you can select one theme of the cloth book included in their package.

Happy Minds

Little hands, big discoveries