“Tummy Time Fun: Building Strength and Curiosity in the First 6 Months”

Those first few months with your newborn are a whirlwind of cuddles, diaper changes, and precious moments. But nestled amongst the snuggles is a crucial developmental activity: tummy time. It might not sound exciting, but trust us, tummy time is a game-changer for your little one’s growth!

Why Tummy Time Matters

Tummy time strengthens your baby’s neck, shoulder, and back muscles, which are essential for future milestones like rolling, sitting, and crawling. It also helps develop head control, coordination, and visual skills. Studies have even shown that regular tummy time can reduce the risk of positional plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

Making Tummy Time a Happy Time

Let’s face it, some babies aren’t exactly fans of tummy time at first. But fear not! Here are some tips to turn tummy time into a fun and engaging experience:

  • Start Early: Begin introducing tummy time as early as a few days old. Even newborns can benefit from short bursts on their bellies (a few minutes at a time, two to three times a day) while lying on your chest or lap.
  • Create a Tummy Time Oasis: Find a comfy, safe space with a soft blanket or play mat. Surround your baby with visually stimulating toys, like ones with high-contrast colors and patterns.
  • Get Down on Their Level: Lie down next to your baby and chat, sing, or make silly faces to capture their attention.
  • Variety is Key: Change up the scenery by doing tummy time on different surfaces like a play mat, couch, or even your bed (with supervision, of course!).
  • Introduce the Perfect Playmate: Our adorable High Contrast Black and White Waldorf Hand Kite, included in the Happy Baby Box, is a fantastic tummy time companion! With its bold patterns and soft, crinkly fabric, it will keep your baby entertained and visually stimulated. We offer different colors and models designed to be age-appropriate and capture your baby’s interest at every stage.

Recommendations and Tips

  • Short and Sweet: Start with short sessions and gradually increase the duration as your baby gets stronger. Aim for a total of at least an hour of tummy time spread throughout the day by 3 months old.
  • Follow Your Baby’s Lead: If your baby seems frustrated, don’t force it. Take a break and try again later.
  • Support Those Little Arms: For newborns and younger babies who are just starting out with tummy time, consider using a small, rolled-up towel or washcloth placed under their chest to provide some gentle support for their arms and upper body. This can help them hold their head up a bit easier and make tummy time more comfortable.


Tummy time is a simple yet powerful tool for promoting your baby’s healthy development. By incorporating it into your daily routine and making it a fun experience, you’ll be helping your little one reach those exciting milestones in no time! And to make tummy time even more engaging, consider adding our Happy Baby Box to your baby’s essentials. With the High Contrast Black and White Waldorf Hand Kite and other developmentally stimulating toys, you’ll be setting your baby up for a happy and healthy start!

Hope this information can help you when stimulating your baby’s tummy time✨

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