“Magic Paper Towel”

Calling all curious minds and budding artists! Are you ready to witness the wonder of paper towel and food coloring transforming plain paper into an image?

Imagine, holding a seemingly ordinary paper towel, unaware of the secret masterpiece it holds within. With a touch of water, the magic begins.

Ready to unveil the magic? Join us, and let the adventure begin!

They’re a versatile sensory resource that is recommended for use from one and a half years onwards in children.

What do you need?

Very simple elements:
*Paper towel
*Chalk marker or white crayon
*Food coloring
*Small container with water
*Plastic Dropper

Let’s start!

So, the first thing we’re gonna do is to put a few drops of food coloring in the water and stir it.

Then, with the chalk marker or a white crayon (depends on what you have at home), we’re going to draw an imagen. In my case, I drew a sun, a leaf, a fish, a heart, etc. Once done, we’re going to fold the paper in two.

And then, we’re gonna use our plastic dropper to reveal the drawing. This is a fine motor activity, in which children practice pressing and releasing with their index finger and thumb. At the same time they reveal the image of the paper towel, which could be so much fun. Kids can also learn colors and vocabulary of elements.

You can make as many images as you want, using different food colorings and plastic droppers. Which by the way are for sale 👀

Plastic Dropper

They’re a versatile sensory resource that is recommended for use from one and a half years onwards in children. They are ideal for creating works of art, exploring different textures and colors of liquids.

We have these plastic droppers for sale in different colors✨

More ideas with droppers:

Ideas for using plastic droppers with children:

1. Rain Cloud Rainbow:

  • Fill clear plastic cups with different colors of water (food coloring works great!).
  • Using droppers, let your child “make rain” by transferring the water from one cup to another, creating colorful swirls and mixes.

2. Dancing Droplet Races:

  • Add a drop of dish soap to a shallow dish filled with water.
  • Give your child droppers filled with different colors of water and let them race the colorful “boats” across the soapy surface.

3. Fizzing Volcano:

  • Place baking soda in a small cup or pan.
  • Using a dropper, let your child add vinegar drop by drop, watching the mixture bubble and fizz like a mini volcano!

4. Color-Coding Animals:

  • Draw simple animal outlines on paper (think bunnies, butterflies, or fish).
  • Provide droppers filled with different water colors and let your child fill in the animals, practicing color recognition and fine motor skills.

5. Dropper Painting Extravaganza:

  • Tape a large sheet of paper to the wall or lay it flat on the floor.
  • Let your child drip and drop different colors of water onto the paper, creating a whimsical abstract masterpiece.

Plastic droppers are an affordable and versatile sensory resource that can provide hours of fun and learning for children 😊

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