“Reading to your 1 month old baby”

1-month-old babies are still developing, but they can already enjoy reading. Reading helps them learn about the world around them, develop their language, and strengthen their bond with their parents.

What are the benefits?

Helps language development: Babies exposed to reading from an early age are more likely to develop a larger vocabulary and learn to read faster.

Stimulates cognitive development: Reading helps babies learn about the world around them, understand abstract concepts, and develop critical thinking.

Strong bond with parents: Reading is an activity that can be enjoyed as a family. It is an opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children and convey their love to them.

Tips to read to your 1 month old baby:

Choose books with high-contrast images and simple storylines. Newborn babies see in black and white colors. For this reason, choosing books with black and white patterns is the best option. The topics and images can be varied, but it is important that they are simple. Check here the books from our Happy Baby’s Box 🙂

Read aloud and enthusiastically. Babies are attracted to the human voice. Use an expressive tone of voice and point to the pictures so your baby can follow the story.

Point to the pictures and describe what you see in an easy way.

Make eye contact and respond to your baby’s cues such as smiles, coos, etc.

Make reading an enjoyable experience. Find a quiet place where your baby can be comfortable. If your baby gets distracted, don’t worry. Simply resume reading when you’re ready.

Additional Tips:

Read to your baby every day. Repetition is key to learning.

Make reading fun. You can sing songs, make gestures, or use puppets to make the experience more engaging.

Reading to your 1-month-old baby is a simple but very beneficial activity. It is an excellent way to start stimulating his development and strengthening the bond with him.

These tips can also apply to older babies. Hope they help you when reading to your baby✨

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